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Warrior Dwarf reloaded

Version 3.0
a lot of fixes, aaand
- SlowMow hinzugefügt
- Schwadaufnahme ermöglicht

Attention: this is a test MOD (use at your own risk)
Again a very big thank to the right MOD
IMPORTANT: read the description, here you have very unusual functions installed
Compatibility with other MODS: I have the function eventually with quite a few MOD's tested, so that I can auschliessen correlations. This may be at the stupidity of the CrassHoppers. Sometimes it is but also of the other MODs, if the CrassHopper doesn't work. The fundamental problem is that no other modders can expect what is the CrassHopper. I believe that even the game engine is overtaxed. It's just questionable whether 10T steel hills really 100 m far. Here a list of the MODs which may affect the function: KeyboardSteer, AutoCombine, AutoTractor, DriveControl, GPS. This does not mean that that do not work, you have to go just a little taste. Imagine the following: you have an Audi Quattro, which has won every rally. But on the Pikes Peak, you take a completely different aerodynamics package as on the rally of Monaco Carlo.

Thus we come to the first important innovation. There's not only a CrassHopper. There is now a CrassHopper, a CrassTrac and a CrassHarvest. Background:
-CrassHarvest: the mower will bite with the harvester. ERGO, a CrassHopper can not thresh, therefore I need your own type for it. (CrassHarvest is the type a combine)
-CrassTrac: I had the impression that the helper with the WorkAreas is messed up. In addition there are problems with tilt and disconnect (both InGame 'Q' key.) (Type, CrassTrac is a tractor)
Both are there to test equipment in its actual area. Trying to about the CrassHopper (I can't but). Which is rather intended to test maps. So I just put the others to test devices.

Trimmers (Press picture high / Under it): In himself is too small of the CrassHopper, so needs often additional weights. Now a trimmer is always present. This are not real additional weights (although they look in the play so) but with it the main focus is shifted. In each case about 10 cm forwards or behind. Why this is in such a way, is a long history (Zuschaltgewichte work always only on THE main focus, but, the locksmith's strength is big if he creates with a lever).
Liberator (switch on with Umschalt-and shift lock): Because I test with it Maps, I may never get stuck (I have only 11000€ of capital, and stand man where) knows. Now so can fly of the CrassHopper! If one presses the shift lock, any topical movement is finished (from 200 to 0 in 0 seconds). Then Hopper goes with precisely 1 m / sec upwards (there the least beams should be). Of the other one can influence the position. In addition one uses the number block. With 4,8,6.2 one shifts Hopper. With +, - *, / one turns him. (HP: the keys refer to the Map co-ordinates / axes because with it possible Fehöer ausgeschlosen become. As said, this must always function).
This brings the advantage that amn no more excessive Überrollkäfig needs. All the same on which snout one flies, the Liberator gets out you. And if a wall stands in the way, we fly about that.
Driving behaviour: I also go with pleasure sometimes fast, this goes with Tastensterueung hard. (Gas and brake are the main problem). So I am away from the engine brake. If one goes on now from the gas, Hopper rolls "without reduction". I find this now much more pleasant, because I must not be constantly on the gas. Before curves or if one wants to look at what, one simply goes on from the gas which rolls Hopper. Now one is able to do himself on the curve or the area konzetrieren. Hopper loses little speed, earlier one went with a curve of the gas because she was sharp and serrate he stood there.
Mähbalken: Now registers where is mowed. He has no collision, is only visual effect.

End of the litany, finally headword-like:
Engine MTU880
Weight: 9.1 t
Width: 3 m (wheels have intentionally no collision, so that one better comes through)
Length: 5 m
Achievement: 2750 HP
Torque: 7220 nm
Maximum speed: 240 km/h
4-wheel steering system for the highest agility
sticks to the slope
Loads 100000 l of standard fruits
Assistant is not a matter to mow (however, on, try a XDisc on the Harvest)
More or less a lot of Attacher (front loader, front hydraulics, rear hydraulics, trailer, TrailerLow, SemiTrailer, ARE, cutter, Harvester)
all service Trigger (Fuel, Seed, Water...)
Liquid manure transport
Straw on harvesting to create bals

greeting Eisbearg

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