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This mod is an updated version of previous releases of fuelAdjust. The goal of this mod has always been to bring a way to alter fuel prices within the FS series. After several years of being away from the game due to life events, I installed FS15 and went to work getting back into the swing of scripting in preparation of the upcoming FS17 release. Expect a new version of this mod for FS17 upon it's release next month. For those who will continue to play FS15, enjoy the mod and sorry for the delay!

Default pricing for this mod is set at the 2015 national average diesel price of $2.70/gal. You can expect slightly higher fuel costs in game at this setting. Feel free to change the price to suit your local price, or classic prices for those playing historical version of the game.

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  • fuel-adjust-v3-0_1

TwistedGA - Concept/Scripting looseterror - Support/Testing

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