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What was at that in the version 2 of the mods?
Inside the cabin, an IC controller was installed.
select some you can in the car (right) if her rubber tracks or individual
want raise steel chains.

You want to be happy harvest wood – but did not feel like spending hours with the timber crane
recharge tedious strain of strain?
Then we have now the right one for you!
The Ponsse Buffalo forwarder V2 with Autoload function!

You can use these forwarders as you like – so either with the
Autoload function or with the timber grab.
Whoever drives Autoload can with the gripper individual strains on the
Align truck bed and lie down as he wants it.

To load the Autoload function MUST grab the side turned away or
be lifted up !!

Also on the IC control in the cabin is now the last of the Runge Ponsse Forwarders back
be extended – this allows the transport of long wood to 7/8/9 meters!

Moreover, even an entry-level trigger is set to the door of Ponsse also
to open from the outside.
Here please push up on the ladder at the door and press the “R”.
Of course you can also close the door by IC inside again.

Download links

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  • ponsse-buffalo-v2_8
  • ponsse-buffalo-v2_9
  • ponsse-buffalo-v2_10

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