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Welcome to the beautiful area Pullhausen. This is a small village in the foothills of the Alps, in Upper Bavaria. Originally it was to be a 1to1 replica, only the time wasnt enough.   The farm, youre living, is no longer in the best condition since a major fire in the shed, ruined many vehicles and also killed the last cattle.
Also, the bad weather has ruined this year, almost the entire crop.

So your father has decided, to give up the farm.

Now, you have the honor or much more  the chance to go on with your farm. Its also a chance to show him how good are you. So what are you waiting for? Your Grandpa is always happy if you help him with his sheep.
Oh yeah, the sheep are the most important persons in his life, so take care of them.

(Sorry, but i haven`t had the time yet, to translate the map into Englisch, so only a German Version will be playable.)

But if you want to try it, hurry up !
There isn`t much more  time to play FS 15 already


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  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_1
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_2
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_3
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_4
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_5
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_6
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_7
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_8
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_9
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_10
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_11
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_12
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_13
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_14
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_15
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_16
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_17
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_18
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_19
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_20
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_21
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_22
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_23
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_24
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_25
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_26
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_27
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_28
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_29
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_30
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_31
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_32
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_33
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_34
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_35
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_36
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_37
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_38
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_39
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_40
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_41
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_42
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_43
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_44
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_45
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_46
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_47
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_48
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_49
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_50
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_51
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_52
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_53
  • 5824-pullhausen-v0-9_54

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Map: Farmerfivetom Scripte und Objekte: VertexDesign, Marhu, FarmerAndy, PowerPeter008, rafftnix, Jakob Tischler Idee / Konzept: Farmerfivetom Tester: Farmerfivetom

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