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This is the first attempt by me to build a map. I hope there are not too many errors in it, Singel and multiplayer everything was great. On the server, not tested. I would like to thank all the modders: Items without their buildings and for me a map construction would not be possible. Suggestions for improvement I am always open, perhaps there is indeed one or the other of me can support.

Version 2.0.1
performance Verbesserungen, fehler mit Schwad und Particle System behoben diverse kleine Verbesserungen.

Welcome to Sudenhagen.Ihr farms an agricultural cooperative that one Nebenhof where you can store fruits and a main courtyard of the dairy farm and there is a little off there are sheep.

Furthermore, there is a Schweinezuchthof.Ihr Have Two biogas plants, a business park where you can wool, rape, sugar beet, pigs and cattle sell a riding there can beet, straw, grass and hay are sold. Agravis buys all the fruits and there Can you fertilizer, lime and seed Buy a distillery buys wheat and potatoes.

In this map the slurry, manure, lime weed and chopped straw mod is installed. To fertilize it git catch crops clover and alfalfa. Now I wish you much fun while gambling.

The map may be offered only to the original link in other forums or the like!
The file can not be uploaded again, I ask for your understanding and have fun with the map

Download links

  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_1
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_2 (1)
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_3
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_4
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_5
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_6
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_7
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_8
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_9
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_10
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_11
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_12
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_13
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_14
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_15
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_16
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_17
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_18
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_19
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_20
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_21
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_22
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_23
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_24
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_25
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_26
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_27
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_28
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_29
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_30
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_31
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_32
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_33
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_34
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_35
  • sudenhagen-v2-0-1_36


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