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Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 – Sometimes players may find that minecraft can become slightly boring. Sure the game itself is incredibly fun to play. However, sometimes the minecraft updates can only entertain you to a certain extent. Often the amusement updates bring only last a short time; In fact not all of the updates actually introduce fun things that are in fact new for you to do. Whilst playing minecraft, once you have done something it is not quite the same when you do a second time. This is why I believe mods were created. Mods simply exist to implement new and unique features into the game of minecraft plainly for the user’s entertainment. And the creation of mods were surely a success. Minecraft has been made much more fun and interesting. However mods now range from an extraordinary variety of ideas. Be it new dimensions or simply adding new tools, animals/mobs, or maybe adding a new block. Even so, mods are not always useful, and only few of the more sophisticated mods arise from the surface of useless mods and prove their worth.

The Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4, is an extraordinary mod which I have seen grow and improve since it was first released. The idea itself is simple, however the creation was made much more sophisticated then it needed to be. However this is a good thing, allowing players to enjoy the features it introduces; easier and more efficiently. The Too Many Items mod, also known as “TMI”, adds a new GUI in which holds an unbelievable amount of features. All of these features mend together brilliantly however their jobs are still separate to each other and also are extremely useful in day-to-day minecraft life.


This mod introduces a small group of features in which have much larger purposes than one might think. For example there are many uses that a single feature can do, however you just have to put your mind to it and think about the different ways something might be used. This is a normality in real life too, and all it takes is basic sense and a creative mind. For most people this should not be hard.

The Too Many Items mod for minecraft 1.7.4, introduces very unique, yet useful features such as; easy access to basically everything implemented inside the game of minecraft. Simply by scrolling through a list of blocks, items, foods, unnatural and natural blocks/items and much, much more. You have full access to everything you need, without having to change your gamemode. Other features the mod introduces into your game are:

  • Preset time change button(s)

  • Easy gamemode chage button(s)

  • Change Difficulty button(s) singleplayer

  • Delete button. Singleplayer

  • Fill health and food button

  • Save and Load buttons. (allows 7 saves maximum.) singleplayer

  • Toggle weather button

  • Favourites Selection

  • Enchant section

As you can see the TMI mod introduces a very few, yet extremely helpful features that in turn, affect gameplay quite dramatically. Changing only the very simplest of original minecraft features and not changing much of the game itself at all. The mod works to make your life easier in minecraft without the hassle of typing in commands, or changing game modes to find a certain block or item. The mod itself is extremely easy to use and works well without any bugs. The developer of the mod has continued to update this mod throughout a very long period of time. It has become one of the most popular mods in the world, and still rests in its position. The developer continues to introduce new features to this mod, simply motivated by the thought of making minecraft easier and in fact, might say to make the game of minecraft more fun.
To use this mod, once installed; activation and deactivation of the TMI mod is extremely simple. When in a world/server, open your inventory using your chosen key-config. By default this key is “e”. Once inside your inventory simply press the “o” key found on your keyboard. This will activate/deactivate the TMI mod. Above, beside and below the default GUI of your inventory will now have new selections and images that the mod introduces. On the right of your screen you will see a huge list of everything available in minecraft, ranging from blocks, potions and even the unobtainable stuff such as bedrock and mob eggs. Above this list, will be 3 selections. One of which will be the list button, the icon is shaped as a chest. The second selection, with an icon shaped as a star is your favourite’s selection. You can add normal or enchanted items, weapons or blocks into this area for you to spawn in if need be. And the last selection; its icon shaped as a book is your enchanting selection. This is used for item enchanting, hence its name. Simply drag a tool, armour, or weapon into the selected area, and then customise the certain items enchantments with the list given below. Above your inventory will be the list of adjustable game features in the list given in the features section of this review. And on the left hand side of your inventory is the saves/loads section. Some of these features are only available in singleplayer however most features work on multiplayer. (This mod does not grant access of cheating in servers unless you have “OP” or permissions)

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