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Its NOT allowed to Re-Upload to other File Hosters
Respect the Original Link if u want to Share.
Visit our site to find all Original Links (Site link Below)
This mod is open for Personal changes.

Bennekeben's Advanced Camera Mod version 3.0 - ets2 1.25, ats 1.4
Tested on ets2 1.25.xx
An update of version 2.5
Includes the same functions but now with more features added !

This mod must have a Higher priority then any other mod.
Works for a few Stand alone scania's if u want Your favorite truck
working aswell then let us know so we can add it to the next update.
The stand alone trucks must work on 1.25 to be added.
Add more priority for use with stand alone truck mods.
For compatibility on other trucks, share the link for  the truck and we will add it
in next updates.

ATS section not fully finnished in this current update.

What does this mod do ?
This mod changes alot of camera value's to give u more variety in many ways.

What camera's has been changed ?
When driving
***********Only works for added trucks*************
- Camera 1 : interior camera :
Gives u more rotation space with the mouse , this means that u can now look behind your shoulder
to enjoy more of the interior details.
Also when u press F4 (***3x f4 will open the correct menu) to adjust your seat u now have way more options to postition your camera. (See the interior screenshots)
***********Only works for added trucks*************
- Camera 2 : Exterior :
The oudside camera has been reworked so u can now zoom verry close/far of your truck with the mouse scroll functions.
also when u move your mouse u can create a top view on by increasing the angle.
- Camera 7 : Wheel Cam :
Just for fun i took the other Right Front wheel and place the cam a little more back.

- Camera 8 : TV Cam :
The tv cam changes camera postions a bit slower , this means that the truck needs to be be further away before the camera changes position.
for a Smoother driveby experiance

- Desktop menu : the main screen :
The depth has been changed , the truck appearance is a little different in the menu.

- Truck Config : truck shop :(Not Working for now due conflicts with update, will be fixed again in later updates)
When entering a Truck shop the camera has been changed so u can more easly acces every slot of the trucks modification.
Also the Zoom functions have been edited , u can now Zoom In/Out more then normal.
Its now easyer to acces all slots when Rotating & Zooming in/out/around the truck.. struggling and misclicking the wrong slot will be history!
- Photo Modus : Screenshot function :
When u now take a screenshot with the photo modus u can now add/decrease more/less value on effects with the original settings.
Lots of slider value's have been increased/decreased to get that special effect screenshot.

Take some Special shots and Earn some fav's and likes on your WOT profile..
or just Cruise and enjoy the ride as a passenger or from the back seat... Use the exterior camera and enjoy scs finest enviorment , set it on a top view and get that old scool gta feeling :D..

Stay updated, Report bugs, Give suggestions, be a Fan at our site !

If u want to share this mod, use the original link we provide and do not reupload.
Claims will be made if reuploads are found.
Contact @ our site or invite Bennekeben on Steam for info&help

Download links

  • bennekebens-advanced-camera-mod-v3-0-supported-on-ets2-1-25-ats-1-4_1
  • bennekebens-advanced-camera-mod-v3-0-supported-on-ets2-1-25-ats-1-4_2
  • bennekebens-advanced-camera-mod-v3-0-supported-on-ets2-1-25-ats-1-4_3

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