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I leave here a video so you can see the difference in the sound of the original engines, and adapted that I've gotten. I created the mod from the original game files, increasing from 4 to 14 dB, depending on the sound of engines and accessories.
Some motors, such as DAF and VOLVO have been collected Kriechbaum companion. I contacted with, and authorize that could be included in the mod.

In the Winrar you find 3 files. 3. DO NOT PLACE THE ONLY needed.

Just put the need for the map being played .scs file.

- Sounds _ + _ altos_by_Rockeropasiempre.scs (For normal game map.)
- Sounds _ + _ altos_Promods_by_Rockeropasiempre.scs (If you use Promods)
- Sounds _ + _ altos_RusOsp_by_Rockeropasiempre.scs (If you use Russian Open Spaces)

Give priority to mod.

However in the mod manager, you will see clearly what is the need to activate, since in the upper right corner of the picture, features that map is the mod.
- Includes new sounds refueling.
- Control Output Driver lanes.
- Increased the volume of rain sounds, thunder, and all other ambient sounds.
- Increased volume of suspension and retarder.
- Increased the volume of all sounds driving, asphalt, gravel, wind, rail lines ...
- Increased volume collisions inside the cabin.

File Weight: 217.5 Mb
Author of the mod: Rockeropasiempre
Daf and Volvo models: Kriechbaum
Please respect the author's original link.

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  • sounds-high-by-rockeropasiempre-1-0-1-0_1

No video to show.

Rockeropasiempre. Volvo y DAF Kriechbaum

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