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Well My Age municipal car has the spirit posted and was cannibalized. My age is Laguna me Too good for everyday wear. The Lizard PiQup not like, The Globe is me much too small. Oh forget it then just mitm bike.
A good friend from the garden center told me the Lizard the New syncer Debuted has, and he is currently only as combined offers .....
Volvo V40 driver said to him "Why not? Combined iss always good" Then I drove mitm 98, Laguna for LMH "Landmaschienenhändler" And Informed me about syncer, The price was a bit exaggerated, But there is no special equipment everything in it like sun roof, trailer coupling, leather interior, Custom paint "Multicolor", and the best .. Ne seats: D
Ordered - Color Specially selected "apple green pearl" - Bought - 3 Days Later Picked


The iss Perfect, Ideal for long-distance driving, I Can Mir the mobile sprayer work, trailer transport, etc. The interior Scent of new leather and Chic 19 inch rims.
Here you get the technical data:
Description: Lizard syncer Tourer
Engine: 4.2l V8 automatic
Vehicle price: € 56,800
Maintenance costs: 10 € / day
Consumption: 12l / 100km

Much Do I not say we wish you much fun and hope to get feedback, videos and images you are allowed to be happy in the community representation.
A request: Mod May but everywhere Uploaded Will with original link, during conversion and change the Credits Please do not forget, Thanks!
LG Volvo V40 driver

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  • the-new-lizard-syncer-tourer-v1-0_12

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3d Modell : Volvo V40 Fahrer, Idde und Zusammenstellung : Teamkollege und Volvo V40 Fahrer

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