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FS1485 Forwarder
The terrains are inappropriate? The Skidder for large predatory Eugen too small? Since I now know a remedy ...
If the grounds for the truck is inappropriate and the circumstances permit come again reinforced long - and transport Kurzholz forwarders for use, the whole tree trunks or cut to length trees to loading area. The FS1485 forwarders is well suited for both equally!
The FS1485 Forwarders specializes on European terrain, avoiding the Bogiebänder Clark soil compaction, thereby sustainably soil protected.
Matching the body color and the color of Bogiebänder was elected (http://wahlers-forsttechnik.de/WEB/Clark%20Tracks.pdf)
The Bogiebänder can be removed completely or partially white if necessary.
This Nordic marvel was developed for the European forest and has 350 hp and 14 tons of payload, is washable and scored 15 installed all standard features of LS. In addition, here works the Dynamic Mount Attacher to fix the tree trunks. To Kurzholz to back, the 2 Runge moved. For Langholz is on the main boom, a bath lift has been installed, so that even 20m strains can be safely loaded. This bath lift can also be removed in order for example. Kurzholz to better loaded.
Built Klemmbank has konzepiert for 2 Normal Strong trees! If more logs are loaded, it is possible that you lose this! Also, I set before you to lay hands on the day near a "normal" driving style. A forwarder moves in reality no 7 km / h through the stock that should be berüclsichtigt here! If you follow this one will have a lot of fun with these forwarders!
Thank you again also for the ausgiebiege testing at Shoebeck and Patric71
Unfortunately I could not put all your suggestions but what can not yet be;)

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  • fs1485-combi-forwarders-v1-0_1
  • fs1485-combi-forwarders-v1-0_2
  • fs1485-combi-forwarders-v1-0_3
  • fs1485-combi-forwarders-v1-0_4
  • fs1485-combi-forwarders-v1-0_5
  • fs1485-combi-forwarders-v1-0_6
  • fs1485-combi-forwarders-v1-0_7
  • fs1485-combi-forwarders-v1-0_8

Modell: t0xic0m Textur: t0xic0m Script: SvenB Idee / Konzept: t0xic0m Tester: Shoebeck, Patric71 Sonstige: Shoebeck, Patric71

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