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Farming Simulator 2015 Mods BOURGAULT FLEX DRILL FOR FS2015

This drill was bourgault v5 jerrico put out for fs15. I edited so it has full wing flex, different paint, different wheels, took quite a long time to do but having it work much more realistic I think was worth it. no more wings disappearing into the ground or coming up in the air!

the tank was converted over from fs13 and a few small edits. I added the auger from v5 bourgault tank. hoses were added to take up some of the emptiness between drill and tank.
still testing out the pto hitchable hoses that's on there right now. it was suggested to me to do that. trying to get as much gap removed as possible while turning. the drill holds the seed and the tank holds the fertilizer. just press G to switch between units.
couple things during gameplay...

AI Hired : doesn't auto start sprayer nor will it spray when starting with fert empty like it will with seeds. However, if it runs out of fertilizer while already sowing the field, it will continue fertilizing. If you stop and restart, it will not fertilize while empty.

Courseplay: auto starts both seeder and sprayer. Not sure how to make it recognize when either tank is empty and make it stop to be refilled. It obviously recognizes the sprayer because it even turned it off and on again at the end of the field turn.

the glance mod will show how much % between the seeder and tank left.

give it a try if you want and have fun. thanks.​

change log 1.1
- adjusted and resized wheels on drill
- fixed skipping while seeding ( let hired help go for 30 min on chopped straw)
- took out normal map for wheels ( noticed during the nighttime with daylight mod wheels were all black in flashlight or tractor lights)
-lightened density on drill for easier pulling

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  • Farming Simulator 2015 Mods BOURGAULT FLEX DRILL FOR FS2015

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jerrico, bigfarmer145, sven18koehler thanks to cjwilksy for testing, dirt map for tank and help completing setup

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