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This is a set of more than 150 Courseplay courses recovered from FS13 and bring them back to life thanks to my Courseplay Editor program. Thanks Kastor for this marvellous map.
This map is very special and appropriate to get practice getting learning curve on how to use the courseplay editor.
Kernstadt map has very nice features and have one of the major conditions for the editor to work properly, is almost a 4x flat map with up hills in the corners, that makes the editor to be much more accurate in showing the roads on the proper position, of course, deviation is normal as we are working with a 4x PDA Image, everything depends on the quality of that image.
To be able to set-up courses, the main secret is to have an instructions map, with the permission of the map's author (Kastor), I can also attach the first instructions manual of Kernstadt map in English.
The second thing needed for a good season is a good plan, I also attach this link to google docs for getting my simple planning spreadsheet. Get your own copy and modify as you wish.
Kernstadt Planning
And remember, the courses are not perfect and speed has been very difficult to convert properly, but, now you can repair it with my Courseplay Editor. It takes time to get out of the game, edit, save and start the game again, but is worthy as you can see.


Courseplay Folder Structure
Field Unload to Silo
Sale crops to all locations
Small farm uphill

Remember to use some special transport vehicles for this map:
Concrete : MAN_TGS_41480_8x8_concrete
Oil and Fuel: Oil_Trailer_by_Kastor
Other Liquids: Kotte_Universal_Pack
Pallets: FS15_flieglDPW180
Products: SchmitzCargoBull_Pack_V1_HoFFi
Good Luck and enjoy the courses and the instructions Manual
Prom Games

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  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_1
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_2
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_3
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_4
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_5
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_6
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_7
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_8
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_9
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_10
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_11
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_12
  • 7853-kernstadt-v1-1-finale-courseplay-courses-by-promgames_13

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