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Dear Com.
After a long time I once again decided to make a mod for download. Yes, I know, that comes the LS17 soon, but maybe can indeed still a powerful Livestock equipment need until then.
Of course, a package came of it again. Included in the pack are:
Kuhn SPV Goliath with 38000 liters
Kuhn SPV Goliath ULW with 35000 liters
Kuhn profile 35000 ULW with 35000 liters
Let's start with the SPV. To also on unpaved courtyard areas to be safe on the road, you've got a track system. To ensure that you also remain agile, they've got a four-wheel steering. Now for the specifics of ULW models. can be overloaded in a suitable trailer by their Überladeschnecke allow the contents. Even so can geeingete solids metering a BGA are filled with it. Good because in the original Fliegl Rondomat the TipTrigger innerhab of Coli is, and thus does not work with these. Sorry. But the MixFeeder can be so super charged (see photos).
Who wants to convey to the mixer silage or feed directly over longer distances and overloaded directly, for the Kuhn use profiles with Überladeschnecke and road tires. Of course, all three washable.
Thats it. Have fun with it
MFG fitter 1
PS for all whiners. The mod has nothing to do with that of EJBModding. And who says again that there not in real time is to look at the following website:
the gibts also with Überladeschnecke (available in the PRO)

Download links

  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_1
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_2
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_3
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_4
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_5
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_6
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_7
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_8
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_9
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_10
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_11
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_12
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_13
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_14
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_15
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_16
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_17
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_18
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_19
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_20
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_21
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_22
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_23
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_24
  • kuhn-spv-goliath-pack-v1-0_26

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