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Farming Simulator 2015 Mods POLOWKA V2.0

This is my second map to Farming Simulator 15 called half V2 is the average map on which you can play on small machine but also larger.


On the map is one multifunctional farm. Map kept long on the disk until not long ago I reminded myself about it, and so it seems.


Thanks for Young AgroTv for scaling the building Thanks

Map has:
- Polish climate
- 1 fully playable farm
- Purchase of cereals and other crops
- Shop
- Purchase bales on the farm
- Small, medium fields
- Great Polish climate
- A lot of thickets
- Mod chaff, manure v2, lime and manure v2 v2
- Cows and chickens
- Opening the gates for key \\\\\\\ 'O \\\\\\\'
- The new sheds and garages
- Grain spraying fertilizer to inoculate
- Preserved seasonal crops
The rest you will see!

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  • Farming Simulator 2015 Mods POLOWKA V2.0


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