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MauZi Realistic Texturepack is a simple 16×16 texture pack with many updated textures that feel really fresh and nice.  This pack doesn’t change the overall look of Minecraft too much, which is nice for people who just want an upgrade and not an overhaul.  This does not require mods or MCPatcher, but those are always recommended to get the extended benefits that are included.  If you are looking for a darker themed pack, then this one is for you!

Here is a great example of just how pretty this pack looks with some of the shader mods installed!  The dark textures look really nice compared to the bright sunlight and the water colors.


  • Great looking HD texture pack!

  • Works really well with Shaders.

  • 16 x 16 resolution.


Pros: A really great looking pack that looks a lot higher resolution that in actually is!  Works without the need for mods installed, but that is recommended.

Cons: The pack is still currently missing all the mob textures, so the enemies and livestock look really out of place while roaming the updated landscape.


  • Updated to the recent version of Minecraft, with new blocks.

  • Fixed the pumpkin blur again.

Download links

  • mauzi-realistic-texture-pack_2
  • mauzi-realistic-texture-pack_3
  • mauzi-realistic-texture-pack_4

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