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Minecraft is a very simple game. However the game can use up a lot of memory, lowering your in game; FPS. Not to mention how much more it can use if your game has mods installed on it. So a mod was developed, not only to fix this problem; but to improve other aspects on gameplay. Both singleplayer and multiplayer this mod will improve a huge variety of features that would usually be untouchable in your game menu. The Optifine mod is extremely complex, however very easy to use. Both the installation and the usage of the mod are very simple. The Optifine mod is compatible with 95% of all mods making it even better.

By using a very simple technique, the mod adds new setting options for minecraft that vary from enabling or disabling particles, or even expanding cloud height. Of course, the mod does much, much more than just this. Improving FPS usage and helping players achieve smoother gameplay, this mod allows players with slow computers to improve their own gameplay, granting them the full minecraft experience. The Optifine mod for minecraft 1.7.4

This mod introduces a wide variety of features. Some that simply make gameplay easier, some that make it more fun, or just for pure enjoyment. Others work hard to insure that you have no-lag when playing and settings can be set to change what your world looks like, smarter block generation. Turning weather completely off, to insure your never bugged with rain or snow. The mod also adds a texturepacks menu selection in your settings so you can change your current texturepack without having to log out, or exit the world you’re using at the time.
A huge feature this mod automatically does to change your game, on installation, distance fog is removed completely from your view. Allowing you to see further without having vision blocked by the grey cloud. Also, view distance can now be extended past “far view” and decreased lower than “tiny distance”. This allows greater and worse computers to see farther, or see less. Helping players to improve gameplay. Whether it be an FPS problem, or simply needing to see further in your world. As you can see from the image above, there is a huge new menu with a large set of options to choose from. Such as “animations” you may enable or disable animations to your likings. All of these features are mainly based around decreasing lag and increasing your FPS. Also, Optifine is required for a small variety of mods. Such as shader  mods or animation mods. It is recommended to players as soon as they start playing as it is the key to experiencing minecraft to its best.

High quality texturepacks usually require you to use mcpatcher or other programs that do the same job. Programs such as mcpatcher are used to basically make the pack work. Without it, your world would be littered with buggy blocks and animations. However, when using the Optifine mod, there is absolutely no need for any foreign program to patch your minecraft. Optfine automatically patches the texturepack that you are using allowing instant usage.

When using this mod, all it really takes is it to be installed correctly. So when your up to installion stage, be extra careful. To open the new menu, simply go into your usual options menu selection, click video settings and you will be rewarded with a wonderful set of new option selections. Inside of of them are different features that you can use, in many, many different ways. However be careful, the incorrect usage of this mod could actually decrease your FPS rate, and make you lag even more than you had before. If a little stuck on what options you should use; watch this tutorial video.

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