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Slimemania is a 2D Jump n Run game. You play as a slime
from minecraft and jump through levels to rescue your

kidnaped brother,collect coins, find items and special powers, fight evil
slimes and the final boss! After that your brother is free and

you won the game.

The game has currently 19 levels and 7 items. You can earn money

to buy items or upgrades. Items can be found in chests. The items
are hard to get! So you can spend some time on Slimemania :)
I try to increase the number of levels/items in every

Some enemys can only be killed with bombs. Some blocks can
only be destroyed with bombs/ the [Hammer] item.

If you have any questions how something works feel

free to ask me :)

Informations like how to play youll find in the tutorial
level or in the game information/Readme file.


Just drag the slimemania.exe, story_intro.wmv and game_stats.ini

on a place on your computer. Its important that game_stats.ini,

story_intro.wmv is in the same folder as Slimemania.exe!

Then double click the slimemania.exe and the game starts.

If you have problems or error messages please contact us.


(The web version is just a demo, not the complete game/Still buggy)

A/D: Move left/right
W: Jump
S: Move down

Q/Press mousewheel: Open item menu.
1/2/Mousewheel: Switch between Bomb or mine in item menu.
Ctrl: Place an item. (Bomb, Mine)

R: Open ingame shop.
E: Open your item information.
F: God Power/Mode (Have to collect item)
G: Go to last save position, costs 5 coins
F2: Version, Player coordinates and level name
F9: Screenshot

Hardware requirements:

- Windows XP, Vista or 7
- 512MB RAM
- 128MB graphics
- Screen resolution of 640x480
- 30MB Harddiskspace

Coming in next Version:

-More Levels
-Tutorial improvements

Whats planned for the future:

-More items
-Bugfree mutebutton
-Maybe a Mac Version (We are working on it!)


Do want to make a costume for slimemania?

Just download this zip file:
and edit the 3 sprites(images). If your finished upload it
and send the download link in a PM to MultiDekey.

I hope you have fun :)
Please rate and comment if you like it. If you have some ideas
for the game please share them with me.
Please send informations about bugs as private message to me.

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