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You start on a small island of dirt with with nothing on it except from a few fences and a spawner. There are lots of other spawners suspended in the air around you. The spawner on your island will produce zombies holding dirt blocks. Kill the zombies and you get the dirt they're carrying. Get enough dirt and you can expand out to other spawners to farm other blocks that mobs are holding (wood, cobblestone...). Find zombies carrying ores and kill them to make armor and weapons. Once you've got enough materials get some obsidion and head to the nether, where you can find even more mobs and items. And if you're feeling really brave head to 'the end' and face off against the ender dragon.

-Version 1.5 (coming soon)

Added an overworld map

Fixed spider spawner

Modified spawn rates (faster spawns)

-Version 1.4

Fixed biomes, so flowers spawn from using bone meal on grass

Fixed spawn rate of spawners

Added settings room to change:

-Starting time (day/night)

-KeepInventory (on/off)

-Constant night (on/off)

-Starting 'help' chest (on/off)

-Deaths scoreboard (on/off)

-Difficulty (easy/normal/hard)

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