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v1.3 is out! Check the update logs for new features!

World Color is a program coded in Java by Jumping Rubies (CrispingChicken) and can be used to edit the color of your Minecraft world. If you don't understand what i mean by this, check out some of the images. Effectively what this program does is change the text color of your world. This is only visible via singleplayer but makes your world look a load cooler. You can show this off to your friends and also link them to this post if you would like to.

World Color took along time to produce and can come in three versions:

  • World Color Music (60MB)

  • RECOMMENDED World Color Default (5MB)

  • World Color Plain (30KB)

In World Color Music there is an option to mute the music in the background.

What's so different about each version?

World Color Music has a Minecraft song remix in the background and is can be a nicer environment to edit in. Although it being nice, it has a downside, the song is quite large and takes 50MB of space which can be annoying for some to download. It is also more demanding than the other versions so if your working on a not so great laptop it may lag. This is being worked on so that the song will be smaller file size and less demanding to play.

World Color Default is the same as 'World Color Music' accept it does not have music. This means you wont have to worry about controlling your sound levels or quickly pressing mute when you start up the program. This version is supported better for low-end computers. This version still contains the JumpingRubies intro and Logo.

World Color Plain is just the editor itself, no extra pictures or content, so it's most efficient and takes the least file size. This version does not contain any sounds/images but still works fine to edit your world.

Future Versions

Future versions will contain fixes to any bugs. Please leave a comment if you have found a bug.

The next big update (Which is in a while) will contain multiple support like being able to edit more than 10 worlds and being able to reset, underline, add bold effect and add the 'random' effect with scrolling letters. You will also soon be able to rename your worlds from the editor, at the same time as coloring them. Please look out for updates and show some support in the comments :)

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