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Spin Tires Mods Lostroads Map - SpinTires (1)

1 dressing,
1 locked garage,
felling 1,
2 sawmills,
2 KrAZ 2 Urals.

Snowrunner maps mods:

As a small mission at first it is necessary to find and rescue the first group of vehicles (2 KrAZ).
One with a water hammer, without a second fuel. Without them open garage.
Map traced (by pressing F1) is not completely, making it difficult orienteering.
Partially road tractor, so the card can not be seen at all.
Nevertheless, the road proezzhabelny with due patience (I checked everything).
Look like that’s it. There are artifacts in the model homes after the conversion, and a few small stitches on the landscape.
In my opinion it is not very critical.
You can make and fix forever, but already tired.

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Vladimir Chebrov

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