ASLAIN’S XVM MOD V3.3.6 8.11

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Aslain's XVM Mod is my own XVM configuration, that I'm developing since the release of the game (2011). It's preinstalled with my own vehicle icon contour mod, which is even one year older. The rest is just a modpack, that contains various usefull mods available for WoT.
Note: everything is configured for Full HD screen resolution (1920x1080, 1920x1200). If you have a lower resolution then I don't guarantee you will see all the elements positioned corrently. In the other words, if you have low screen resolution you might encounter overlapping. In that case you might have to edit config manualy. I cannot make it to work on all the possible resolutions.

To install this mod you are required to have the admin rights to the system, the installer needs that to install all the fonts. The automation process should detect your World of Tanks installation folder which used to be located at c:\Games\World_of_Tanks by default, but there are cases when it fails, and you have to set it manualy.
Attention: If you set a wrong destination folder, you will simply get no mods installed!
It is recommended to select the Clean Install durring first installation. It's needed to provide the best compatibility among all the mods. Please take a note that you should check as many checkboxes as possible, the nature of this installer and it's XVM section is that if you skip something or uncheck a whole tree, it's not equal to not install those things durring the process. In example, if you uncheck the whole tree of WN6 marker, it's still being installed as enabled! There is however an exception, the modpack and the DLC works differently, and if you uncheck something there, it should not be installed, nor will be installed and work transparently and act like a default WoT behaviour.

The general recommended way in case you are updating my mod only is to uncheck the whole DLC section (because once you have installed something, it keeps being installed), while leave the rest unchecked. It shall remember your previous installation options. There is however an exception, if I've changed some options like in case of adding a new nor changing some switches in the components list, then you should review what would you like to install again.
In case of updating The Clean Install is not recommended, unless you encounter a problems.

The installer is placing the downloaded files in a separate folder, this feature is only for advanced users purpose. This feature will not skip downloading them again for next time. The installer is not checking if those files are in the folder, and will always re-download them again.

To uninstall you should head to the Control Panel of your windows system "Add/Remove or programs", find my mod there, and select uninstall. It will however not uninstall it entirely from the WoT folder. To do it, you have to clean up the res_mods\x, where the x is number of current WoT version. In case you have installed a sound mods from the DLC, restore the original res/audio too.

If you get no in-game XVM stats, and see a dashes only, then please don't ask on the forum why. The reason is always the communication problems with the XVM stat server, it is usually caused by it's internal problems, and in a very rare cases with your firewall or anti-viral software. This mod has nothing to do with frequency of your own stat updates.
Don't ask why my stats are not up to date, my mod and myself are not responsible for your stats. The recent common reason for an outdated stats is that WG limited the communication with XVM stat server to something like 4 users/per second, and this is the main reason for this extended period. Anyway if you are concerned about your stats, ask in the proper topic, which is not my thread.


Download links

  • aslains-xvm-mod-v3-3-6-8-11_1
  • aslains-xvm-mod-v3-3-6-8-11_2
  • aslains-xvm-mod-v3-3-6-8-11_3
  • aslains-xvm-mod-v3-3-6-8-11_4
  • aslains-xvm-mod-v3-3-6-8-11_5
  • aslains-xvm-mod-v3-3-6-8-11_6
  • aslains-xvm-mod-v3-3-6-8-11_7
  • aslains-xvm-mod-v3-3-6-8-11_8

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- br2yd4l for the very initial icon version many years back in closed beta - Crabtr33, Pottulaari, RyuOgi, rmxshoot for actively supporting me with new ideas and such stuff - The XVM team for creating such amazing tool

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